IUGS Earth Stewards

Erece Sanchez

My name is Erece, I’m 25 years old and I’m from México. As an environmental engineer, my job at the Environmental Ministry is to evaluate the environmental impact of projects. I also have worked doing research about emerging contaminants in water, and I’m looking forward to studying for a master’s degree.

Joycelyne Nsoh Mambo Biya

My name is Joycelyne Nsoh M. Biya, MSc in Hydrogeology and Environmental Eng… Environmental Science tutor, Vice President of the NGO One United Family Organization, Certified Peer Educator specialises in giving out health talks and sensitisation on the environment, regularly attends environmental seminars and a volunteer in environmental projects.

Arijit Goswami

A technology consulting professional, with on-ground volunteering experience with World Economic Forum and UN Volunteers in the area of Quality Education and Climate Action SDGs. Arijit has worked as a UNESCO Fellow in the area of Digital Games for Peace and has published a background paper with UNESCO on “Impact of AI on Education sector”. An award-winning essayist and a PeaceX Fellow, Arijit loves to blog about emerging technology trends & applications on his blog, “thetomorrow.in” and on DigestivesInc on Instagram.”


Dorothy Kazombo Mwale

Dorothy Kazombo Mwale is a Malawian environmentalist. She is working part time as a Programmes Intern at Malawi-Scotland Partnership and also as a Public Relations Assistant at Green Girls Platform. She loves to work with the community to solve injustices and is always up for a challenge.

Denise Crampton

Denise is a MScRes graduate, multidisciplinary independent researcher and project support officer based in North Wales, UK. Committee member of the North Wales branch of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) and reviewer of the Genetics and Biodiversity Journal (GABJ). Denise enjoys pebble hunting and how biodiversity links with geodiversity.

Autumn Joseph

Autumn Joseph graduated from the Earth Project Young Ambassadors Training Program last year.  
She has assisted on IGCP projects and is an ambassador with Climate Cymru.  
Autumn is reading law at University College London and is pursuing her ambition of becoming an environmental lawyer

Sherif Elrefaey
Sherif Elrefaey is the founder of Greenation Egypt. Represented UN MGCY in UNEP Medium Term Strategy discovery session in the “CPR” Meeting. Sherif is the youngest member of the Arab Youth Council for Climate Change on the way to COP28 in the UAE. 

The Earth Stewards are a group of very talented individuals, with a wide-range of environmental expertise and a passion for helping forward the mission to create a more fair and sustainable future for people and planet.

Many of the Earth Stewards are graduates from the UNESCO-IGCP/Earth Project, Young Ambassadors Programme.

During 2022 the Earth Stewards are helping the team at IUGS showcase the Earth Sciences. We especially wish to share knowledge with the IUGS community and the public, about how we can solve some of the biggest environmental challenges faced by the world today. We value our Earth Stewards independent views on topics covered and are keen to learn more from these dynamic and passionate Earth Stewards over the coming months.

IUGS President Professor John Ludden CBE

On behalf of the IUGS, we would like to welcome our 2022 Earth Stewards to the team. We are looking forward to working with them on a number of IUGS events over the coming year. Stay tuned for more information about our 60th Celebrations.


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